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Argumentation training against discriminatory statements in the company

Every person is entitled to live as they wish, as long as this does not harm anyone else. This is not only stated in the Basic Law, but is also a task for works councils and for us as trade unionists. Nevertheless, we experience racism, discrimination and conspiracy theories within the workforce again and again. But how do we as trade unionists deal with allegations that do not correspond to the facts? How do we react to discriminatory slogans?

Together we will train you how to debunk contradictions and discriminatory statements. We will look at the motives behind these slogans. And we will practice how to find an appropriate response.

We discuss when clear contradiction is absolutely necessary and where a substantive debate can make sense. But we will also discuss when the limits of argumentation have been reached. With information, practical examples and argumentation strategies, you will be strengthened as trade unionists for dealing with right-wing and racist statements in the workplace.

Training agenda


What is discrimination?

  • Recognizing discriminatory statements and structures in the company

Arguing and possible courses of action

  • Getting to know argumentation strategies and counter-arguments
  • Practical exercises based on everyday situations
  • getting to know possible courses of action in the workplace

Basics and facts

  • playful learning of basics and facts for counter-argumentation

Learning targets

  • Recognizing discriminatory statements and incidents in everyday business life
  • Ability to act in the event of discriminatory incidents in the company and in private everyday life

Contact person

Anne Willecke

0361 21727 19