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Anti-racism strategies in nursing and vocational schools

Racism is a social issue in Germany. Racism massively prevents social cohesion. People who are affected by racism feel that their security is threatened. Mutual understanding and access free of racism and discrimination in all areas relevant to society strengthen trust and improve communication and participation and contribute significantly to living together well. In our workshop “Anti-Racism Strategies”, we give students, trainees, but also teaching staff practical ways to uncover and counteract racism.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)
  • What is racism? Clarification of important terms
  • What do we mean by racism?
  • Definition of terms: “race” and racism
  • Modes of action of racism
  • Institutional/systemic/structural racism
  • What do we mean by anti-racism?
  • Case studies: Recognizing racism
  • Conclusion and recommendation for action: anti-racism strategies

Learning targets

  • Raising awareness of racism in nursing and vocational schools
  • Recognizing racist incidents in everyday work
  • Capacity to act in response to racist incidents in nursing and vocational schools

Contact person

Anjalika Bhaskar-Sawahn

069 91301031